Basically, is there a word that relates "carpenter" to "carpentry" or "astronomer" to "astronomy"?

So if there is a subject that does some noun, is there a word or phrase for that relationship?


Sample sentence: "'activist' is a _________ of 'activism'." or "'architect' is a _________ of 'architecture'."

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    You mean a noun like trade, occupation or profession ? – Centaurus Mar 4 at 23:20
  • Please provide a sample sentence with blanks where the word will be used. – Centaurus Mar 4 at 23:22
  • @Centaurus added! – user3684314 Mar 4 at 23:30
  • Practicioner. Proponent has a propaganda sense. Whereas simply practicing a profession is neutral. – John Lawler Mar 5 at 0:29
  • The term is 'agent noun'. – Edwin Ashworth Mar 5 at 13:01

practitioner noun [ C ] formal UK /prækˈtɪʃ.ən.ər/ US /prækˈtɪʃ.ən.ɚ/

someone involved in a skilled job or activity:

"'activist' is a practitioner of 'activism'.

"'architect' is a practitioner of 'architecture'."



A proponent is 'one who does something'. Or it can be 'one who promotes something - propels it forward.

  • A carpenter is a proponent of carpentry

  • An architect is a proponent of architecture

  • An activist is a proponent of activism

From the Latin proponere 'to put forward' https://www.etymonline.com/word/proponent

The word is usually described in dictionaries as someone who 'puts forward an argument' but it means more than that - it can mean to 'push forward' an industry, activity, way of being, thought, or art form - which is often done through action, and activity, not merely by talking.

If you want to 'be a proponent of eco architecture' for example, you could simply be talking about it, but another way of being a proponent would be to actually build an eco village that people can visit.

  • Dickens - was a proponent of social reform (through his books)
  • Madonna - is a proponent of women's sexual freedom (through her mode of dress, behaviour and way of being etc)
  • Starbucks - is a proponent of great coffee

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