Although we are taught to use singular adjectives to modify nouns, "schoolchildren" population seems to be a more commonly heard and searched (Google) option than the true singular "schoolchild" population. Is popular usage defeating correct grammar?

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    student population – Tinfoil Hat Feb 23 at 19:51
  • "Citation required", I think. Ngram (for British English, at least) – Andrew Leach Feb 23 at 20:37
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    Population of schoolchildren. – Xanne Feb 23 at 21:36
  • Where is the town of Schoolchildren? Neither of the two phrases is idiomatic, and population begs for some explicit geographical reference - Denver's population of school-aged children. – Phil Sweet Feb 24 at 1:30
  • The citation requested: These findings are in agreement with the association between socioeconomic variables and the overall prevalence of dental caries observed in both this sample and that of other schoolchildren populations from Brazil. – NCristina Martorana Feb 24 at 20:20

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