I am having problems choosing between those two in a phrase I use a lot at work. I am gonna go straight to the example

'Your order status has changed to 'At delivery site at CH 8060 Zurich'

I work in logistics and I send clients updates like this for every job. Postcode and city name can be anything as I operate worldwide.

Question is. Which one is better/corrext here for 'At delivery site in' or 'At delivery site at'

Thanks for your help

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    My choice would be At . . . at. The package is at the delivery site at City Postcode. – Xanne Feb 22 at 7:09
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    Some people observe a convention of using in for a large city and at for smaller places. – Kate Bunting Feb 22 at 8:47

I believe it should be 'at delivery site in Zurich'

"at" is generally used to refer to a specific address or a point or a general location; it can also be used when you are at the top, bottom or end of something.With specific address or location , use at

e.g I am at 12 NY Street

I am at home

I am at the entrance

"in" is used for enclosed spaces or a location which is inside of something.

My phone is in my bag

We live in Brazil

As a rule, use "at" when you view that location as a point and use "in" with the bigger location which encapsulates this smaller location

e.g I am at a village in Thailand

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