"the world still went wondering why red-eyed anarchy...", and "listening to the exposition of red-eyed anarchy", and "more than ever ready for red-eyed anarchy of any sort"

What "red-eyed anarchy" mean?


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I'd offer see red, seeing red, blood-eyed, or even blood in his eyes as a synonym for "red-eyed."

"Red-eyed anarchy" is a raw, angry, emotional, and violent form of anarchy where people will really hurt and kill others.

This is not Sex Pistol Anarchy in the UK concert [2] anarchy where everyone goes home after the show with a couple bruises, or firing off an angry email. Red-eyed anarchy is French-revolution anarchy [3], where there are violent insurrections, a lot of injuries and deaths, and people get beheaded.

Cambridge dictionary defines "see red" as:

to become very angry [1]

I don't know if you've ever been that angry, but I had a case of road rage once where I was absolutely furious at some idiotic driver. I actually saw red; my vision had a reddish hue. I'm not certain why (perhaps blood vessels in the eyes getting swollen out of anger), but anyway, it can happen.

Some also say that the saying comes from the Spanish bullfighting, where angry el toros see the red cape and charge, attempting to gore/kill the matador. Bulls have a legendary fury like no other animal; like the bronze bull on Wall Street--which was actually tagged with the circle-A anarchy symbol in 2012. [5]

Look at the furious attacks of the bulls in the vid linked at refererence [4], and imagine this anger in people: that is red-eyed anarchy.

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