For video games, I think played time is the general phrase to say how much time someone has spent on playing a game. For example, player A has accumulated 2000 hours of played time. For pilot, I think it's flight time. For example, commercial pilot requires 4 months of flight time to obtain a license. What about musicians? What is a short concise noun to describe the amount of time someone has spent on deliberately practicing an instrument?

I considered played time because musicians typically say "I play piano" or "I play guitar". What about vocalists? They don't say "I play voice". Is practiced time an appropriate choice here? Thank you

  • Your noun phrases need to be reversed: time played, time practiced, etc. The versions you have advanced are not grammatical.
    – tchrist
    Feb 6, 2021 at 13:42

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Musicians say, "I did 10 hours' practice today" or "It'll take three weeks' practice" or "That piece took 8 hours' practice a day for two weeks. That's a total of 56 hours' practice."

There's no equivalent of "flight time" (or "flight hours") because musicians usually start as children. They have no record of their total hours.

"Practiced time" isn't colloquial.

"Practice time" is used in, for example, "I'd like to book 3 hours' practice time please," or "It's ten o'clock. Practice time!"

Ensembles and orchestras rehearse, but on your own you practice. (Btw, you practise in the UK.)


Why not go with rehearsal time ?

Merriam-Webster defines rehearsal as

a practice exercise : TRIAL

Makes sense then to call time spent on rehearsal as rehearsal time.

  • Thank you for the suggestion but what if other people interpret it as the time to rehearse? e.g. it's rehearsal time this Saturday and it's show time this Sunday.
    – mofury
    Feb 6, 2021 at 8:50

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