Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of The Call of the Wild by Jack London:

Yet his time came, in the end, in the form of a little weazened man who spat broken English and many strange and uncouth exclamations which Buck could not understand.

"Sacredam!" he cried, when his eyes lit upon Buck. "Dat one dam bully dog! Eh? How moch?"

"Three hundred, and a present at that," was the prompt reply of the man in the red sweater. "And seem' it's government money, you ain't got no kick coming, eh, Perrault?"

Perrault grinned. Considering that the price of dogs had been boomed skyward by the unwonted demand, it was not an unfair sum for so fine an animal. The Canadian Government would be no loser, nor would its despatches travel the slower. Perrault knew dogs, and when he looked at Buck he knew that he was one in a thousand—"One in ten t'ousand," he commented mentally.

What does "present" mean in this context?

Also, what exactly does the second part in the bold mean in simpler English?

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    A present=a gift.
    – Xanne
    Feb 3, 2021 at 8:05

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  1. ... and a present at that:

It's worth much more than 300, so it's like a gift.

  1. ... ain't got no kick coming:

Since it's the government's money, you have no reason to complain.

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