I know if we say "This is an approach to doing something" we should use "to doing" after approach. In the case "I plan to use this approach ", should I say "to do" or "to doing" something?

  • Both are right in their own places. to do/ to go etc. are infinitives but in 'to doing', to precedes a verbal noun. It's like "We look forward to receive you...and......to receiving you." Both are in vogue. It's just that the user should understand this difference. – Ram Pillai Jan 28 at 7:45
  • I'm struggling with the precise grammar of "I plan to use this approach to do something", but I think there are two different cases. In this, "to do something" is more like an adverbial expressing purpose (modifying "use"), rather than specifically modifying "approach". In contrast, in a phrase like "my approach to playing the guitar", "playing the guitar" clearly attaches to "approach". – Stuart F Jan 28 at 10:39

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