What does it mean? A playboy? Like a womanizer?

I was watching a video on YouTube where a British man said "he's a lover of ladies" but then goes on to say "he's a very nice guy" and now I'm confused.

He's not a teenager. He's almost 30.

Is it a player, cheater, womanizer, etc.? If not, then what is it?

If "lover of ladies" means a cheater then he won't be calling him a "very nice guy" but I've searched everywhere and didn't find anything to suggest what the meaning is.

This is an old reading but the question still stands. Even if not in a palm reading but if someone uses this phrase, am I supposed to use the pejorative sense?

The link for reference: https://youtu.be/aXjPUqsmSrs

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    Given that it's a palm reading, it would be difficult to take anything said seriously. Palm readers (like others in the fortune telling community) will always put a positive spin on their 'readings' so that the clients are happy. – KillingTime Jan 26 at 12:36
  • 'A lover of ladies' is a double entendre. You're correct that the default sense is pejorative. – Edwin Ashworth Jan 26 at 12:39
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    I don't think it's pejorative. The phrase may imply a certain admiration of women, but it does so without any implication of judgment. – R Mac Jan 26 at 12:52
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    If he's not married, he isn't necessarily a 'cheater'. Attitudes vary. – Kate Bunting Jan 26 at 13:00
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    I'm not sure it implies cheating or mistreating, although it certainly implies someone who'll have a lot of short-term romantic relationships or sexual encounters, or at least someone who is a flirt and always ready with a compliment. He may have commitment issues (not settling down with one woman). But you can have multiple sexual partners without cheating, lying, etc. – Stuart F Jan 27 at 10:00

I interpret it to mean simply "He likes women". Some men like women some men don't like women, some men manipulate women, some men date a lot of women but don't really like them. Some men like women as friends.

For the benefit of this man's fans he is deliberately using an ambiguous term (as all fortune tellers do). The female listeners will draw their own conclusion. Because the phrase has been paired with "nice guy", they will probably believe that he enjoys being with women for their company. On the other hand, some women find a man more attractive if he is more 'experienced' than they are. Who knows whether he has lots of lovers? He may be gay. George Michael for example had a huge female following and he was gay. There is a widely circulated stereotype that attractive women like to have gay male friends.

The point is that only the fans will be interested in this palm-reading and they don't want to hear anything bad about their idol.


The term is ambiguous, and probably deliberately so.

At the simplest level it means "He loves women" but "love" is a very ambiguous word, meaning anything from "is very fond of" to "has sex with".

Obviously "has sex with" does not mean he is also "very fond of".

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