I’m in a community where theres a lot of people who share a milestone/achievement or difficult experience, that is almost always followed by someone who goes “yea well I achieved X”, so as to undermine(?) the other.

The urban dictionary definition of “one upper” is pretty much it but I'm looking for a more appropriate word

  • Do you mean like this guy? – tchrist Jan 25 at 2:39
  • Sure, that could be an example – marsh dub Jan 25 at 2:45
  • tchrist's link provides you with an answer: topper. – fev Jan 25 at 2:59

One-upping is the common phrase for putting down another's achievement.

The practice of One-upmanship is longstanding and much more subtle than just saying out loud what you did to top the other's victories. https://www.amazon.com/One-Upmanship-Stephen-Potter/dp/1258783339


Such a person is a

One-upman = A person who practises one-upmanship.

Oxford Lexico

Oneupmanship = a situation in which someone does or says something in order to prove that they are better than someone else

Cambridge Dictionary

I suspect that the term is more British, the alternative topper pertaining more to American usage. But I cannot substantiate this with Google ngram so hope others will comment.

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