I was watching a movie and the phrase "squeeze the limit" came to my attention (if I heard it right). I have never heard the phrase before, and according to the Japanese subtitle, it seem to mean "take a sh*t" (excuse me for not knowing the proper euphemism), and the man who said the phrase went to the bathroom. Is this a common phrase to euphemize "take a s..."? Do native speakers of English usually understand what that means?

  • I haven't heard it either. To me it suggests something mathematical. – Peter Jan 24 at 10:35
  • Me neither. It would help to know what the movie was; whether it was an English-language movie (or, for example, dubbed into English and then translated again in subtitles), and more useful still would be a link to a clip (timed to land at the right place in the film). – Andrew Leach Jan 24 at 11:06
  • That said, squeeze the lemon has made it into Urban Dictionary and that does seem a reasonable fit for the question. Urban Dictionary is a good source of information on this sort of slang. – Andrew Leach Jan 24 at 11:07
  • You are almost certainly faced with translation error, possibly even an auto-translation error. Such things are very common. This is because any given word in one language may cover a different range of meanings than any one word in another, even though they may have one point of synonymity. It is thus easy for an algorithm or a non-native translator to go to the wrong word or phrase. Looking it up in an online dictionary, I notice, for example, that one Japanese word for 'bottom' is 'shita'. In English, 'bottom' can be called ones 'rear end'. 'End' - 'limit'? I bet it was a boob. – Tuffy Jan 24 at 12:23

Apparently squeeze the lemon would fit this:

to relieve one self by urinating. Fluid colours may be the same as a lemon being squeezed.

be right back, have to go squeeze the lemon and lay a cable (qv)

John-do in Urban Dictionary, 2006 [spelling corrected]

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    Thank you! Yes, I heard it (or remembered it) wrong -- I double-checked the movie and the man actually was saying "squeeze the lemon." BTW, the movie was "Get Smart" :) – May Jan 24 at 14:27

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