Caveat: the content of this post might be a little bit politics-related. But I try to make it sound as non-political as possible. Let's focus on the linguistical problems here, thanks!

If I were to create a sports league, I would make sure that every player in my league had the opportunity to protest in due time and place.

This is a sentence I wrote. The following Google ngram shows that it is a rather old-fashioned expression. Mostly it is seen in older contexts.

enter image description here I wonder is it okay to use it in my writing? ngram: in due time and place

I also wonder whether it can be rewritten as follows:

If I were to create a sports league, I would give every player in my league due time and place to protest.


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When normally using the expression, "and place" isn't used. Well, not in first person with the I - he said he would allow all the players in the league due time on the field.


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