What does it mean to level one's voice at someone? The full sentence is:

You said, levelling your voice at him as if it was a sword.

  • Levelling a sword or spear or criticism at someone is not the same meaning as levelling a building. – Michael Harvey Jan 17 at 21:03
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    From the context it's inferable that it means to raise your voice, or like @YosefBaskin has pointed in his answer, to weaponise it. I couldn't find any written reference though, but I'm sure that's the meaning of it. – Otter Jan 17 at 21:25
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    Either you've left out part of the sentence or it doesn't make sense. – Hot Licks Jan 17 at 21:28

To level your voice would mean to even it out. However, to level your voice at someone like a sword means to weaponize it.

Oxford's Lexico has level as aim a weapon:

#3: ‘He levelled a pistol at us.’


It is an idiomatic expression meaning speak in a calm or determined manner:

level voice/look/gaze:

a steady voice, look etc that shows you are calm or determined.

(Longman Dictionary)

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    Using this definition, the recipient of the verbal message would have no doubt that the speaker was directing the comments to him specifically. This seems to be the most likely meaning of this phrase. – RobJarvis Jan 18 at 18:57

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