I am writing an essay about Winter Bash, and I want to find a shorter way to say that Winter Bash is an event that repeats annually during Winters.

I have already thought about several ways to call this event, but I think they are not good.

  • Temporary event (It does not show reoccurrence)
  • Seasonal event (It seems as if the Winter Bash is reoccurring every season, but it only happens in Winter)
  • Annual event (It again may cause confusion)

Do you have any suggestions to help me shorten and convey my message (bolded above) in a better way? What do you think about my own thoughts?

=== I know I can always just say Winter Bash, but I look for a way to generalize and indicate the nature of the event in a more descriptive manner.

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    Seasonal is fine. There are events that are not temporary? Annual events cause confusion? Winter bashes occur in warm weather? Jan 13, 2021 at 17:54

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brumal: 'indicative of or occurring in the winter' (Merriam-Webster)

No subject has more engaged the naturalist in all ages than the brumal retreat of the swallow. (source)

The wind was whipping the snow into a flurry fury, bruiting the eddies about like brumal rumors. (Joan Connor, 'The Folly of Being Comforted'. TriQuarterly, Fall, Iss. 123; pg. 169, 2005)

Examples from the OED (which defines it as 'ff, belonging to, or characteristic of winter; wintry'):

1813  Belfast Monthly Mag. 31 Jan. 47/1        
Dark indeed are the brumal days that have no sun shine.

1870  J. R. Lowell My Study Windows 32        
What cheerfulness there was in brumal verse was that of Horace's.

1934  E. Linklater Magnus Merriman vii. 84        
That brumal solitude derived from knowledge of hunger in December and thrashing gales in March.

1983  M. O'Donoghue Jedder's Land (1984) 41        
Clumps of snowdrops..had magically withstood the brumal cold of the past week.

2001  P. Ball Bright Earth viii. 205        
Here is a very different kind of atmospheric lighting: cold and brumal, veiled in the shadows of a low sun.

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    I've never heard it before, but a great word! Jan 13, 2021 at 18:33

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