I'm looking for a word or two that covers in a vehicle all-round cameras, built-in sonar and radar, etc that may be in the base price or in a low-cost package, and all mount unobtrusively into pre-allocated mountings, but excludes exotic items like LIDAR that sits on the roof of the car and would only be a third-party or specialised purchase. "Off-the-shelf" is close, I think, but is there something better?

The sample heading I am trying to fix currently reads:

Using only in-vehicle conventional sensing devices

"in-vehicle conventional" are the words I want to replace. This is for a formal poster.


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How about base-model? Using only base-model sensing devices.

Base model definition:

A basic version of a product, to which alterations, additions, and enhancements can be made as desired; specifically the standard (and usually cheapest) model of a motor vehicle.

  • "Base model" isn't quite right - sonar and radar aren't always base-model equipment, for instance.
    – Ken Y-N
    Jan 12, 2021 at 8:32
  • 3
    So you're looking for something that's a cheaper model but isn't the base one? Budget model? Just budget? Cheaper model? Not quite sure now what word you mean.
    – Curiosity
    Jan 12, 2021 at 12:09
  • I'd just say what they are. If you mean all-around cameras say that. The audience isn't going to know what is conventional or base model or not, as that varies widely by manufacturer. Jan 12, 2021 at 14:00
  • Budget is commonly used of new products (e.g. budget phone) if you think cheap is too vague; if it's an old product then legacy might be better. But the question isn't very clear.
    – Stuart F
    Feb 7, 2022 at 16:02

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