Can you please clarify the meaning of the following sentences and the correct way to use them.

We have been to a shop many times in the past and the last time I went with my brother.

Would "Last time we went to the shop we bought eggs" and "The last time we went to the shops we bought eggs" be the same or do they have different meanings?



Both are the same (and the sentence should have a comma):

"[The] Last time we went to the shop" is an adverbial clause:

"[The] Last time we went to the shop, we bought eggs = We bought eggs on the last occasion that we went to the shop."

In essence, it does not differ from

"Yesterday, we bought eggs" or "We bought eggs yesterday."

  • Basically they are the same but the "The" is optional? Is there any reason why you would use one over the other? Would you use one over the other if you had only been to the shops to buy eggs (Not a series of events)? – Tony Jan 10 at 18:51

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