The world of acting isn't all glitz and glamor.

I am looking for a phrase with a similar structure, namely an irreversible binomial, to replace "glitz and glamor". The phrase doesn't have to be alliterative, but should be an idiomatic binomial pair like "glitz and glamor".


On the research side, I did think of "flash" but wasn't able to come up with anything Googling "flash and", "phrase flash and", etc. There are a lot of synonyms for "glamor" that I thought of, but nothing as neat as "glitz and glamor" sprang to mind. The suggestions so far given in the comments and answer(s) are great!

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    How about romp and pomp? I'm not sure if this is idiomatic, though.
    – user405662
    Jan 8, 2021 at 20:03
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    Is anything wrong with “glitz and glamour”?
    – user 66974
    Jan 8, 2021 at 20:04
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    Razzle Dazzle? Flash and Fancy? Surf N Turf? Hollywood and Bollywood? Jan 8, 2021 at 20:04
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    What synonyms for the individual terms have you discovered? Jan 8, 2021 at 20:05
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    Help yourself to any of the GL- words. Most of them have meanings coherent with glitz and glamor. Jan 8, 2021 at 20:35

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There is the razzle-dazzle.

If you don't mind adjectives, you could say:

The world of acting isn't all loud/bright and flashy.

(I found these on Gngram)

Edit: You might also consider:

The world of acting isn't all glitter and shine.

but I personally prefer the adjective twins.


Maybe too on the nose, but I'll add fashion and fame.

It carries the alliteration, goes hand in hand with "glamour and glitter"/"glitz and glamour," and there's some 80's music to back it up. Ngrams

The world of acting isn't all fashion and fame.

Similarly, fame and fortune comes to mind.


I would consider pomp and circumstance.


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