Looking for a word that would describe or better describe finding community amongst sharing food or finding community because of food shared.

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  • Welcome to ELU! - Request for clarification: You want us to describe "finding". Does that mean you are looking for a verb? Or do you want a noun? Please state the part of speech that you want this word to have. (Also show us how you would use it in a sentence, with a blank where the word would go). Thanks – chasly - supports Monica Jan 5 at 13:38
  • What precise situation are you referring to? Is this a host feeding a guest (a common courtesy in many countries to offer food to all visitors); sharing a meal with a stranger to make friends (sometimes called "breaking bread"); where a family eats together to foster shared feelings (a family meal or family dinner), or the situation where a nation has common food and common values and customs? – Stuart F Jan 5 at 14:38
  • Look up the adjective commensal. It's Latin for 'eating together' and it's got a biological sense that enfolds the social sense. In fact, it's what E.O. Wilson says is one of the main requirements for true socialization. – John Lawler Jan 11 at 22:32

Break bread with is a phrase that fits the bill:

The phrase to break bread with someone is to share a meaningful connection over a meal, often bringing together two people or groups who previously had reason to be disconnected.

(Etymologically, my mind goes also to companion, though I don’t think that the Latin meaning of pan is well known enough for people to connect it to food.)

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