What does "resignation" mean in the text below?

There were many others who were alarmed by the drive to self-fulfillment Jane exhibited; The Spectator in April 1860 deplored the "pale, clever, and sharp-spoken young woman" who had become the fashion; the Saturday Review pretended resignation to the dominance of "glorified governesses in fiction," who, like the poor, would be always with them, since literature had "grown to be a woman's occupation."

A Literature of Their Own by Elaine Showalter

I looked it up in a few dictionaries, but I think none of them fits this context.

According to The Free Dictionary, "resignation" means

  1. The act or an instance of resigning
  2. An oral or written statement that one is resigning a position or office
  3. Unresisting acceptance of something as inescapable; submission.

It's meaning No. 3. They pretended to be resigned to the fact that the spirited governess had become a favourite character in fiction.

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