‎‎I can’t understand the meaning of the words “in her turn “in this paragraph. What meaning does it indicate? Please explain it

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    In this context, it simply means "immediately following" (i.e. following what was said by the person talking to Sonia). – Steve Jan 9 at 12:14

It was her turn to speak and express an opinion on the matter they were discussing.


Another possible explanation.

The part-sentence 'in her turn' may be short for...in her 'turn of phrase', e.g, a particular or characteristic manner of expression. Another example: "an awkward turn of phrase". Google: turn of phrase.

'Inexperienced writers have a curious reluctance to delete anything once it is written, particularly if some turn of phrase happens to please them (Short Story Writing For Profit, Archive.org).

Alternatively, I've heard of a 'mad turn', as in as person acting strange, thus described as 'having a mad turn'.

I could not find the term in Google search but did so in Archive.org

Also, Sonia was alarmed and stepped back, involuntarily.

Another example. Now and again, the Germans would take a mad turn and lob a few of their grenades over at us, and in turn, we returned the compliment (The Black Watch; a record in action, Archive.org)

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