I want to express my great satisfaction of this person. Are there any differences between the two sentences?

This shows a great sense of responsibility which is deeply appreciated.

This shows a great sense of responsibility which is dearly appreciated.


Being a possible collocation of appreciate, "deeply appreciated" would be more suitable. Dearly, on the other hand, will also intensify the meaning of appreciate by adding a sense of "very much".

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    Dearly appreciated would be understood, but it's vanishingly rare by comparison with the "stock phrase" deeply appreciated. The only nuance I see is that using "dearly" shows you don't have much of a feel for standard usage. – FumbleFingers Jan 19 '12 at 14:45

There's a deep difference between the two.

Something deeply appreciated is profoundly or thoroughly approved.

Something dearly appreciated is done so with fondness or affection, which is not the sentiment you want to convey in this case.

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