I am watching a video of a person releasing a mouse from a plastic trap into the "wild," but it was actually released in an open field. The freed mouse gets across the field and then a large bird happens upon it. Is there a word that describes "Hell is paved with good intentions?" Kind of ironic, but saying more than it merely backfired.


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Situations as the one you are describing are generally referred to as:

out of the frying pan into the fire (saying)

when you move from a bad or difficult situation to one that is worse

(Cambridge Dictionary)

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    When having lunch at the monastery it's "Out of the frying pan, into the friar."
    – Hot Licks
    Nov 9, 2020 at 0:08

To throw the baby out with the bathwater. LINK

To discard something valuable or important while disposing of something considered worthless, especially an outdated idea or form of behavior.

  • I really don’t see how that applies to feeling good about freeing a mouse into the wild only to see it all go terribly wrong as a hawk snatches it up.
    – Jim
    Nov 10, 2020 at 15:30

Another phrase:


Going from bad to worse.

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