I am having trouble in understanding the last sentence. Could you please simplify the sentence? Thanks!

IF HUMAN BEINGS should ever wish to build bases on the Moon, those bases will need water. Residents will require it not only for their own sustenance but also as a raw material for rocket fuel to power adventures farther afield—Mars, for example. Given the cost of blasting things off the surface of Earth, however, such a base would be best served by finding its water locally.

Source: https://www.economist.com/science-and-technology/2020/10/26/there-is-now-cast-iron-evidence-for-water-on-the-moon

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From the dictionary.com definition of "blastoff"

the launching of a rocket, guided missile, or spacecraft.

Blasting off is the process if launching something, in your example it's referring to spacecraft that would carry water to the Moon.

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