I'm trying to find a word (that may or may not exist, I haven't found it yet) that describes waiting for an opportune moment. Something like a snake that hides from it's prey until it's the right time to strike.

Or like "not showing your cards too early", something like this.

In chinese there are 2 symbols that translate to what I'm looking for:

伺機 (English: Wait for an opportunity)


To "bide your time" is to wait patiently for a good opportunity to do something.

Bide your time (Cambridge Dictionary)


To bide one's time is probably the best choice.

Another one is:

To sit tight: (1) to remain in place in readiness or expectation of something, (2) to remain out of sight

Sit tight (Meriam-Webster Dictionary)

We're planning to sit tight until the end of the game.

He told us to sit tight and wait for the captain's signal.

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