I'm looking for a term that refers to when people have a tendency to look at past events through a rose tinted view, not because it was necessarily better but simply because it is a past event. The word isn't nostalgia or reminisce. It's a common tendency for people to ignore whatever possible hardships the past event had or ignore that it could possibly even be the exact same scenario as the present.

An example is during presidency where its not unusual for people to say the previous presidency was a better time. I've seen the word before somewhere but can't remember how or where it was used. A similar question was posted but the answers don't fit the bill as well as the OP asking for discontent in the present while I'm focused on the unrealistic rose tinted view of the past.

An exact match of the meaning I'm looking for is found in the term Rosy Retrospection but I'm looking for a one word variant.


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