I am conceiving the title of a web page where a number of examples will be listed.

I can use the page title "Examples of Something" e.g. "Examples of Cars", "Examples of Jobs" and "Examples of Fruits" but I'm looking for a more fashion, business-friendly, title-appealing way to title the page, perhaps using a two-word title.

Are there alternative ways to express "Examples of Something"?


Although examples is probably the most widely used and most to the point, yes there are other alternatives, such as:

  1. Samples of _______
  2. Illustrations of _______ (If that works with what you are doing)
  3. You could simply use ______ Examples to eliminate the "of"
  4. The topic that you are writing on: Ex. Electric cars
  5. The reasoning behind ______

There is the two word combination of the type of "fruit specimens". (ref.)

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