What does bang-up mean as a noun? This is where I saw it:

To him, life is a great big bang-up

This is from the 1967 “Theme From Spider-Man” song. You can find the lyrics here.

I searched it, but all I found was an adjective meaning “first-rate” (from Merriam-Webster), “very good or excellent” (Cambridge) or things like that. No meaning as a noun.

So what does it mean here?

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Welcome! Interesting question. Thanks for finding the lyrics. Brought back loads of memories. Based on the context and history of the character it is easy to see that a bang-up just means a fight. If you recall the cartoon (I never missed it) that is about all they did. He could have no close friends and no room for other interests. In his case a fight could be pretty fun since he's never going to lose, what with spider powers and Stan Lee (bless his heart) on your side.

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