I'm wondering whether to use "on here" or "in here" to refer to the current website.

Be skeptical of what you read on here.


Be skeptical of what you read in here.

Is there any difference? Which is correct? I know that I can avoid this discussion altogether by writing "Be skeptical of what you read here" instead, but I'm curious about "in here" vs "on here" for websites.

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    Without in and on, it goes fine.
    – Ram Pillai
    Commented Feb 25, 2021 at 4:15

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I think it comes down to context. Some websites, particularly where small(ish) or common interest groups hang out with each other, feel to users like a place they inhabit, so "in here" is appropriate for them. Similarly for chat servers. For most websites, "here" or “here on [site name]” would make more sense. I think most people prefer "on this [web]site" to "on here", which sounds slightly awkward to my ears.


"Be skeptical of what you read on here" is correct for this website. "On here" refers to like websites and stuff, "In here" refers to places, and being "in" somewhere. (Sorry, I know my wording's not professional; I'm in high school, but I'm trying to help you out the best I can here.) :)

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