I got a scholarship some years ago and was selected in first place of the list. I don't now what is the right way of writing this on the CV:

i) selected for the first place nationally

ii) selected in first place nationally

Maybe both are wrong,

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I don’t think you were selected in first place. That implies confusingly that you were already in it when selected. I prefer for first place, which implies that you were chosen to be put in first place.

There is no single correct way of saying this; there are many correct alternatives; and there are many ways of saying it incorrectly! Here are a few alternatives:

Placed first in the XXX Scholarship rankings.

Top national holder of the XXX Scholarship.

Lead national holder of the XXX Scholarship.

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    I'd make it national lead holder rather than lead national holder, to avoid the implication that there are national and non-national holders. Nov 2, 2020 at 3:01

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