Let’s say I am writing some code that inspects the SSL Certificate issued to some website. There is the issuer which can be, for example, Verisign. What would you call the organization to which the certificate is issued? I am looking for a 1-2 word name, such as "Issue-ee" or similar. Essentially I am looking for a way to say “The organization to which the certificate was issued”.

  • I would have thought "the subject" or the "certification subject" would be good terms to use.
    – WS2
    Aug 13, 2021 at 15:35

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The word recipient is often used to indicate the entity to whom an award or certificate is presented or issued.

From Dictionary.com

a person or thing that receives; receiver:
the recipient of a prize.


You would want to use: "Issued To".


Issued To: Acme Bricks, Inc.

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