I can think of numerous terms for varying degrees of distrust: mistrust, suspicion, wariness, caution, etc; I can also think of numerous terms for very high degrees of trust: faith, confidence, conviction, etc.

However, try as I might, I can neither think of nor find any single terms for varying, low degrees of positive trust; that is, single words which carry similar or identical meaning to phrases such as "potentially trustworthy", "moderately trusting", or "slightly trustful".

  • Do you have some examples? Lando Calrissian? Benedict Arnold? A part that has operated for 40,000 cycles with a mean time to failure of 50,000 cycles? – user662852 Oct 3 at 4:09
  • That friend one has who usually pays back money, or the parts manufacturer that usually sends sound parts, but it's good to test them before installation. "Chaotic good" characters (in the D&D sense of the term) would also fit the bill, since you know they're generally well intentioned but it's impossible to predict exactly how they'll respond to a given situation. – Vector Gorgoth Oct 8 at 22:44

I don't think of one single word, but would use "some trust" (or some faith, confidence, etc.). This is used to imply less than total trust, but not distrust. Or "a moderate degree of trust" (or of faith, confidence, etc.), explicitly saying not a high degree but not a low degree either.

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  • Yes, qualifiers permit the expression of any degree of trust one can imagine, but single-word terms seem to be elusive. – Vector Gorgoth Sep 3 at 16:59

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