I'm looking for a phrase that gives the meaning of something like, "Glad you asked me that, (I had forgotten that) so that I can practice it".
Like, when your friend is also from your country and neither of you speaks English natively, but I tell him that "well it's good that we are talking in English, that way I can make my English better too"
I've so far heard something like, "It is good to learn the ropes", from a guy on facebook, (he is also from my place) but I didn't came up with relevant results for that in Google..
Thanks in advance


"win-win" is a possible candidate, meaning:

Beneficial or satisfactory to all parties involved.

So, you could say to you friend:

"It's good that you are talking in English; this way I can better my English-speaking skills too". It's a win-win deal.

  • Does it give the meaning of, "It's good for my practice too (You speaking with me in English)"? – user152435 Aug 20 '20 at 11:08
  • Does it give the meaning of, "It's good for my practice too... ? -Yes – Greybeard Sep 19 '20 at 10:08

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