I want to say something about how "Drama was an outlet for my unhinged energy" but I dont like the word unhinged because its not exactly the most respectful?

Some other words that describe the energy that i want are "unhinged, maniac, crackhead" but none of those would fit very well and are rather insensitive.

I'm trying to write a university application about about how performing arts has given me an outlet for my very high energy personality and a place where I can direct my high enthusiasm. I want to convey that I have all this pent up energy often and drama allowed me to direct it in a healthy and meaningful way.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!


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A few words you could use to describe your vast energy reserves:






Any of these convey the notion that you had a ton of energy to direct at some pursuit. Unbridled in particular fits well here, as it also connotes that your energy wasn't otherwise focused or used in a productive way.


In that context, you might want to go with irrepressible (or unbridled as suggested by Nuclear Wang).

Irrepressible (adj): full of energy and enthusiasm; impossible to stop.

Example: Even the rain failed to dampen his irrepressible spirits. [Cambridge English Dictionary]

You could also replace 'unhinged energy' with hyperactivity or tireless enthusiasm.


"Maniac" is not quite it, but manic fits well. Although "manic" has a psychiatry-specific connotation, it also has an informal role to roughly mean driven.

[Oxford Online] Manic: frenetically busy; frantic. "the pace is utterly manic" Similar: frenzied feverish frenetic

Drama was the ideal outlet for my manic energy and whacky humor.


Perhaps the word uncontainable doesn't connote 'out of control' too much nowadays.

uncontainable [adjective]:

(especially of an emotion) very strong.

  • his uncontainable enthusiasm


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