In my CV I have short lists of responsibilities/tasks that I was assigned in my past jobs. Should I use the -ing form of a verb in such lists or rather the infinitive? For example:

Accountant at XYZ

  • Prepare project meetings
  • Calculate big meaningful numbers


Accountant at XYZ

  • Preparing project meetings
  • Calculating big meaningful numbers
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    I'd lean toward "preparation for..." and "calculation of..." – KillingTime Aug 10 at 14:58
  • @KillingTime Good idea. I think, I’ll go with this. If you make it an answer, I’ll accept it. – Max Aug 10 at 15:45
  • The standard is to use the past tense, even for activities we are doing now. – Yosef Baskin Aug 10 at 16:47
  • @YosefBaskin like “prepared project meetings”? Isn’t that weird in listings without full sentences? – Max Aug 10 at 21:07
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    Prepared A, Managed B, Saved 11%. It's all standard resume style. – Yosef Baskin Aug 10 at 23:59

Possibly it depends on how you phrase the preceding text.

My tasks were to:

  • Prepare...
  • Calculate...

I was tasked with:

  • Preparing ...
  • Calculating ...
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Action verbs are the go-to. MIT gives a list of action verbs for CV writing that are all past tense. The rule of thumb is on consistent verb tense, and since your work history is mostly in the past, use the past tense.

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Everyone wants to make his/her resume catchy and unique, which is natural. Here, both styles should be fine, provided, minimum parallelism is maintained. E.g.,

Responsibilities include/ included,

  • Preparing minutes
  • Calculating sales figures


  • Preparation of minutes
  • Calculation of sales figures


Part of a multi-tasking team, I usually had to

  • Prepare minutes
  • Calculate sales figures

https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/military-resume-sample: Relevant part of this link is here:

Under 'experience' details:

• Performed regular foot patrols, escorted residents ...

• Provided informational assistance and directional guidance to ...

• Responded swiftly and reacted calmly to reported incidents ...

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