'Voters Will Know Who to Blame': I saw this headline in www.commondreams.com today. I think it should be whom. Is whom now obsolete?

  • "Is whom now obsolete?" - Can something in regular use be obsolete? – nnnnnn Aug 2 at 8:21
  • 2
    Does this answer your question? What’s the rule for using “who” and “whom” correctly? – DW256 Aug 2 at 8:35
  • "Whom" is certainly grammatical, since it is the object of "blame". But nowadays, thanks to a tendency to generally dumn-down the language, "whom" is seen as being overly formal, with "who" being the choice for most people. Sigh ... – BillJ Aug 2 at 9:13

You are right: "whom" is right. The reason is that "whom" is the object of the verb "blame".

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