I found this question but it do not answer my question.

To elaborate, some tenants call very often to landlord or property manager, asking them to come in and screw in lightbulb, change the toilet seat because it broke, etc., while the other tenants are screwing in these lightbulbs and fixing toilet seats themselves. The first ones need maintenance, and the second ones dont need maintenance from landlord side.

Question is, what is the name of the first ones and the second ones?

Google translator returned me, for that word in my language, the word maintenance-free for the second ones, but could a tenant be maintenance-free for landlord?

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    Following the edit, 'maintenance-free' usually means that something does not need maintenance (such as a sealed battery), it's not about who should do it. – Weather Vane Aug 1 at 16:19
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    I agree what @wheather says, but at least in the US, you could informally describe a tenant as "low-maintenance" or "maintenance-free" – Conrado Aug 1 at 16:21
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    True, people can be described as 'high-maintenance' too. – Weather Vane Aug 1 at 16:22
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    Could it be self-reliant tenant and not self-reliant tenant? The quality of it would be "self-reliance", so how self-reliant tenant is? – ToTenMilan Aug 1 at 16:46
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    @ToTenMilan I was concerned that your question implied that the tenant did not need any maintenance services from the landlord. It would have been better phrased as "What would be the term for a tenant who requires a lot of maintenance input from the landlord or one who sees to small repairs himself?" The latter could be described as self reliant. – BoldBen Aug 3 at 11:40

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