Is it possible to use this kind of construction? Starting a sentence with an object pronoun.

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    It is common and natural speech when it is following or followed by another statement to clarify context or intent. In informal writing, it may be acceptable. – Dean F. Jul 30 at 17:16
  • Acceptability seems a movable feast around possible Comp-V-S sentences. 'What he struggles with is us not being in the same area.' (Fine; wh-cleft, acc in the 'It's us'-type structure, ACC-ing) ←────?→ 'Us not being in the same area is what he struggles with.' (little difference, really). – Edwin Ashworth Jul 30 at 18:27
  • (a) Us not being in the same area is not a sentence. It is a subordinate gerund clause, and can't appear as an independent simple sentence. It can, however, appear in a complex sentence, like With us not being in the same area, it's hard to chat. (b) Gerund clauses may have a subject in the objective or the genitive form. Us is, as noted, objective. So, on the whole, yes, it is possible to use this kind of construction. – John Lawler Jul 30 at 20:50
  • It can be the answer to a question, as-is ["What's the biggest obstacle to you pursuing the relationship right now?"]. Also, welcome to ELL. – Will Crawford Aug 2 at 19:40

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