I have came across with this phrase and I can't understand its meaning:

rubber is expensive and the supply was uncertain.

Can someone explain the second part ?

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    It's a transferred usage. Obviously, only sentient beings can exhibit certainty or uncertainty in their primary senses. But 'The supply was uncertain' means 'People were unsure that the supply would continue'. // Lexico gives this as the most used sense. – Edwin Ashworth Jul 30 at 14:21
  • got the point...thank you ! – Reza Baqery Jul 30 at 14:23

Either the quality or the quantity of the supply of rubber can not be guaranteed with any degree of certainty.

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    @Edwin Ashworth has pinpointed ambiguity that deserves attention. The supply did not have a feeling of being either certain or uncertain. For the buyers of the rubber, the state of its supply was unstable. – Yosef Baskin Jul 30 at 20:47

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