If I am writing a code and tell someone a number followed by the letter A stands for "sun". In this code there should be only 2 "suns". Right? I just want to make sure my directions are clear.


Answer: 5A and 8A fit the formula for a number followed by the letter A and the numbers 7 and 3 are not part of this formula. Is this clear?

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    Not exactly. Since 78 is a number, you might mean a digit -- that's the single number you mean. One digit followed the letter A = sun. – Yosef Baskin Jul 29 at 21:33
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    It's not clear, because 78 is a number, so the 7 is part of the formula. Use digit or numeral if you mean a single numeric character (you could even use "single numeric character"). I'm not sure that "Is this clear?" is a suitable question for this site. – Andrew Leach Jul 29 at 21:34
  • '... tell someone a single digit followed by the letter A stands for "sun"...' – chasly - reinstate Monica Jul 29 at 22:12
  • good point, number versus digit ---thank you! – Indira Singh Jul 30 at 0:16

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