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Why is 'to' not used before 'home'?

I have noticed that the "to" preposition is never used when one is heading home. some examples:

I am on the way home
Would you please give me a ride home?

But for other locations, "to" preposition is used:

I am on the way to school
Would you please give me a ride to school?

Is my understanding correct? If so, why no preposition is used for home?


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Yes, your understanding is correct.

The word home may be not only a noun, but also an adverb, an adjective and even a verb (The Free Dictionary). In your example, on my way home, home is an adverb meaning the direction, in which someone/something is headed, i.e. towards a location, they call home.

Home certainly can be used with preposition towards (not sure if it can be used with to) but usually people tend to omit unnecessary words in speech. Thus on my way home is the most common form.

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