I am looking for a more educated word than "Hater" that describes a person or type of person that at one point admired/respected you, but then for one reason or another, ended up hating/disliking/attacking you. Not necessarily betrayal either. Its more about the part where their emotion/mindset is going from admiration/respect/love to belittling/disrespect/hate towards a person. Adjectives are acceptable too.

A word for each scenario that it could be used in:

  1. You reject their love/admiration so they start hating you/attacking you instead
  2. You don't live up to their expectations so they don't admire/like you anymore
  3. Doing something that changed their initial impressions and feelings about you

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They're disenchanted or disillusioned

Disenchanted: Disappointed by someone or something previously respected or admired; disillusioned.

Example: He became disenchanted with his erstwhile ally. [Lexico]


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