I am missing correct word here... Can someone help?

Imagine that a company works remotely due to Coronavirus. The company uses an internal website where every worker registers the info about the work he has done that day.

So, the worker (let's say Robert) simply fills in a form where he writes, for example:

  • 9:00-14:15 - work on the design of company's product
  • 14:15-15:30 - help out Monica with this and that
  • 15:30-17:00 - meeting with client

How would you call the above form that Robert just filled? I am thinking... worksheet. But that does not say much about actual registering the work tasks.

The 'form' is too general. I am looking for something concise that would sum up.


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It's a log:

4 : a record of performance, events, or day-to-day activities

In the context of the question, the people are filling out an activity log. Or, depending on how it's viewed, activity-log entries in a logbook.

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I think you can use the term résumé:

A résumé is a short account, either spoken or written, of something that has happened or that someone has said or written.


  • We began each planning meeting with a résumé of how we were doing as a division.


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