It's like when you try to button up your shirt but pull the shirt too far- such that your back completely hugs your shirt and there is no space between your back and the shirt, or when you have a shirt that is one or two sizes smaller, but for coats, and you are doing it intentionally to try and feel warmer.

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The word I would use is snug, either as a verb or an adjective:

intransitive verb
// snug down for bed

transitive verb
1 : to cause to fit closely
2 : to make snug
4 : to secure by fastening or lashing down

1 c : fitting closely and comfortably
       // a snug coat
2 a : enjoying or affording warm secure shelter or cover and opportunity for ease and contentment
       // a snug cottage
       // a snug haven


  • I snugged my coat around me.
  • My coat was snug and warm.

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