How to write correctly: "inequivalent" or " nonequivalent"? I am interested in writting this word in mathematical texts.

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    Both words mean exactly the same. – Anna A. Fitzgerald Jul 1 at 10:55
  • Could you give a sentence for context, please? 'Mathematical texts' is helpful but more context is better :) – DM_with_secrets Jul 1 at 11:29
  • The best thing to do might be to read other mathematical papers in the same area by established mathematicians, and use whichever term they use – DM_with_secrets Jul 1 at 11:31
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    Google Ngram Viewer shows that nonequivalent is twice as common as inequivalent. – Jason Bassford Jul 1 at 14:13
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    Thank you very much for the useful comments! I've discovered Google Ngram Viewer! – Alexey Magazev Jul 1 at 17:18

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