I want to describe an anecdote, but want to use a word to describe the time period. So in physics when you move quickly enough to approach the speed of light, time breaks down and relativity kicks in. I want to describe a period in the past that I was moving so quickly at the time (such as through college) that the events seem to mesh together. Like a very, very fast moving object in relativity. Preferably a single word I can use such as

I was moving _____ so everything was unclear.


I was moving like a ____ so everything seems to mesh together.


I was so ____ that everything seems blurry now.

Naturally I can just give the long winded physics explanation, but that's extremely verbose, and distracts from the subject matter because the need to explain what the metaphor is directly.

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  • I was racing so quickly that everything was/(is?) a bit of a blur. – Jim Jul 24 '20 at 6:08
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    Anything wrong with "in a blur"? (Other than the fact that some might believe this is referring to your mental condition?) – Hot Licks Nov 21 '20 at 13:17

I, personally, would just use a different metaphor; using speed about foggy memories is sort of confusing, and I doubt there's a good word to use; maybe something more like about how much was happening in your life?


Zap past could work in that context, as in, "college zapped past me like I was looking out a fast moving car."


The first sentence asks of an adverb and lickety-split would fit in nicely.


with great speed

[American Heritage Dictionary]

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