If you say, "Looking up at the sky too much makes you lose perspective," do you mean that you feel so close to the sky because you look it up so often?

If not, what does that mean?


There can be several interpretations for this sentence...First of all, 'sky' may be a metaphor for some authoritative power or a 'God'...which means we should not derive every meaning from god or else we won't be able to explore anything else and our intelligence will be cluttered.............2nd possible meaning is that if you focus on one thing always then you can lose the perspectives of other things...3rd interpretation can be....if you imbibe the vast angle of sky all other small perspectives will be included or dissolved into it.......................But to be sure which one is correct we must look the context of other sentences before or after the sentence posted in the question. I hope this helps.

  • It helps a lot! Thanks. – Grace Jun 23 '20 at 7:07

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