A:I was the 1st one in queue/I was the second player B:How many?

Is what B said correct? Or what is the question for ordinal numbers? The question from B is not asking how many people in the queue was, it's asking the number A was in the queue. In my native language we have a "how" question for that but I was struggling to ask the same in English so I apologize perhaps my question doesn't make sense but I would really appreciate your help.. Would it be okay to ask :"what number? which number were you? or something like that sorry for bad English and thank you in advance


In your context, an ordinal is a position: you can ask "which" or "where."

A: “I was the first in the queue.” B: “Which position [were you in the queue]?”

D: “What was your position in the queue? E: “I was the first in the queue.”

F: “Where were you in the queue?” G: “I was the first in the queue.” (This works if both know the context.)

H: “I was first in the race.” J: “Where did you come in the race?”

K: “I was the second player” L: “Which position?”

M: “Which player were you?” N: “I was the second player.”

P: “Where were you [in the game] Q: “I was the second player.”

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You could use the word place to represent a position in a series.

B: What place?

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