For example some words fit and feel aesthetic to read :

Others with the same height, Others with the same marital status, Others with the same publisher

While some words don't fit

Others with the same location, Others with the same race

Is it possible to formalize a rule using which we can use to identify these words?

  • I'm not sure that I understand your interpretation of 'fit' in the question. Can you clarify what you mean by this word in this context? – KillingTime Jun 19 at 7:20
  • By fit, I meant aesthetic to read. When anyone reads "Others with the same location", it feels off. I want to find out a reason for that. My intention is to then create a rule for it. – Devanshu Jun 19 at 7:40

The problem is not with the noun/phrase; it is with the preposition.

"Others with the same location", it feels off

It is off. In the commonest contexts, it is "Others in/at/near the same location".


"Others with the same race." should be "Others of the same race."

There are no "rules" in English, there is only guidance; some guidance looks like a rule - it probably isn't.

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