I recently received an invitation to review an academic paper. In the letter, the editor indicates “we request you place a high price on length”. What does that mean???

  • It means that you should review it poorly for being too short, review it poorly for being too long, or review it poorly for being either too short or too long. If the instructions say that it should be between X and Y number of words, then you should be penalizing it heavily for being less than X or greater than Y in length. But without knowing what the instructions for the paper are, or any other details of the request, it's not possible to say what the exact nature of the request is—aside from the fact that marks should be coming off if the length is different from what is expected. – Jason Bassford Jun 14 at 23:20
  • @JasonBassford ah I see then...Thank you very much for your reply! – SXC88 Jun 14 at 23:32
  • It means the editor is incapable of writing clearly. – Hot Licks Jun 14 at 23:50

It's conceivable that Jason Bassford is correct: the length of the paper, whether long or short, is important. However, if so, the statement conveys nothing. Based on every similar instruction I have encountered, the meaning is that the paper better be lengthy.

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