I'm watching Trevor Noah's video on YouTube. https://youtu.be/v4amCfVbA_c

At about 7:30, 'But I think what people take for how much, for so many people, that feels like nothing, you know?'

I don't understand what this means. Can you explain it in easy words? And let me know what 'that' means in 'that feels like nothing'. Thank you :)

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    That’s not an accurate transcription of what he says, but it’s not our purpose to do that kind of work. – Xanne Jun 13 at 6:09

I think he was trying to say that'' so many people taking drugs in high dose (according to them ) is nothing for me . It may be the meaning of the above sentence if you compare that unknown substance to drugs .

That feels nothing here may be mean to say that effect of drug (like insomnia , hallucinations etc) feels nothing to me ..

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