From this sentence:

And given Trump's uneven attempts to unite the nation in the past, he would face a huge assignment in making a meaningful impact, not to mention his habit of undermining his own scripted addresses with follow-up tweets that reignite controversy.

What did the author mean by deeming Trumps' attempts uneven?

Oxford defines uneven as "not having the same quality in all parts".

If the definition above is the one which fits this context does that mean some of Trump's attempts lacked strength, insistence, firmness?


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    Some attempts were better than others, in the view of the writer. It does not say how.
    – Xanne
    Jun 12, 2020 at 3:05

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And given Trump's uneven attempts to unite the nation in the past...

According to this link, "uneven" can be defined in the following way:

uneven: varying in quality (eg, an uneven performance)

Here, calling a performance "uneven" implies that it's inconsistent and varies in quality from time to time. Trump's attempts are described in a similar way. You could translate the sentence like this:

And given Trump's inconsistent attempts to unite the nation in the past...


The definition you use is appropriate in the context of the quote, but it only points to inconsistency in Trump's attempts, rather than evaluating their merits or deficiencies. However, given Trump's record in this regard, I would view the use of "uneven" as pure irony. An ironic synonym for abysmal. Following your link, I see that the quote is from CNN, which makes abysmal a certainty.

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